Behind the scenes: Volvo Cars

Volvo Cars 2 weeks ago I visited Volvo Cars in Ghent. It was a really nice experience to see how the cars we see every day on the road are build.

At Volvo Cars Ghent they produce the Volvo XC60, The S60, The V40 and the V40 Cross Country. Next to this factory they also have a factory in Sweden and China.

In my last article about Volvo Cars I posted some questions which are answered now.

  1. It takes 48 houres to complete the whole building process of a Volvo. During that time a lot of parts arrive just in time to avoid too many parts in their warehouse. 
  2. Their main consuming market is China and the U.S.A. , followed by Germany, Sweden, The UK, The Netherlands and Belgium. 
  3. Each day, 24 hours, they produce around 1200 finished cars at Volvo Cars Ghent. Quite impressive I think ! 
  4. These days it’s very common that there is a facelift introduced or even a new model. These changes are taking approximately 3 weeks at Volvo Cars Ghent. During these weeks the whole production line is upgraded and the labourers skills are improved. 

To succeed they work together with a lot of suppliers which are established in the same area or very easy to reach for Volvo Cars.  Some of them deliver with the Just in Time principle. for example: Plastal, who produces the bumpers.

Here you can find some pictures from the factory and the supply chain.

If you think working at Volvo Cars Ghent is tedious, well this video will show you the opposite.


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